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A quiet place to sit
A little light to see
Some time to read
Is really all I need

You’re unputdownable
A story so confounding
The pages turn so easily

You are my favorite book
And I like to spend my time
I’m fully occupied
Reading between the lines
You’re unputdownable
A plot that’s so unpredictable
That I read on complacently

Well I’m left in confusion
By your epilogue
Where is the conclusion
A narrative arc
Well it’s just been enthralling
The disbelief suspended
On top, standing still

No myth or fairy tale
Will ever be quite the same
No moral to the story
You only go down in a blaze of glory
You’re unputdownable
A fable so fantastical
I’ve learned to read voraciously

And when at last I come to the end
I turn back to page one and again
Pour over every word
Beautiful and absurd

You’re unputdownable
A story so astounding
Could only be the truth you see

Well I don’t like intrusions
And if I had my way
I’d close the door behind me
And they’d all melt away
I’d open up the book and
Climb right out of this town
If you’d let me
If you’d be so kind
If you’d allow me
To read your mind

If you’d let me
If you’d be so kind
If you’d allow me
To read your mind

Róisín Murphy

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