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Quotes taken from the New York Times article, How to Do a Data ‘Cleanse’

I’ve been dealing with major computer growing pains. My cloud seems to be so full it’s now raining on me. And the duplicate situation has just gone way too far. I’d say I don’t understand how this happened, only I very much do know how it happened. I didn’t care. For a long time now, I’ve sort of let a lot of things just go on autopilot, unchecked, unregulated, completed disregarded and only given the slightest notion, “it’s saved in the cloud or something.”


That’s “mean time between failures,” or “typical time until it croaks.”

…your countdown to catastrophe has begun.

David Pogue
How to Do a Data ‘Cleanse’

I’m in the process of combining all my photo libraries, miscellaneous cloud storage providers, several external hard drives, an outdated Mac mini, and super old PowerBook. The photo library situation is ridiculous; hundreds of thousands of photos that I probably won’t ever really look at or need. As my cloud storage has maxed out its capacity and Apple continues to try to persuade me into upgrading to the 2T plan, I stop and think about how crazy it is to be paying for cloud storage. Cloud storage. One more time, cloud storage. I’ve always hated the idea of paying for storage units that hold all the extra crap our American lifestyles manage to consume and collect. If you really need it that bad, why is it in the bottom of a cardboard box halfway across town, better yet, the country? Get rid of it! PURGE!

Software cruft refers to digital dust bunnies: duplicate files, orphaned “temporary” files, forgotten downloads, files attached to ancient emails, abandoned files from apps you deleted, and so on.

David Pogue. How to Do a Data ‘Cleanse’

I was forced to purge once, Mother Nature and a bitch named Destiny (Oh, I think I went to high school with her) pulled a fast one on me and decided I didn’t need… hmm… I’d say about 65% of my material possessions. I say, “bitches be hoes,” but that ain’t bring back not a damn thing. Woah child, sorry, I was getting a bit colorful there. Just slipped into it, not to mention, I’ve gone off topic.

As I was saying, I’ve trying to get my digital data under control. I found this article to help the inspiration process and some tips maybe you don’t know. Unfortunately, I think I knew most of it, but it’s still great for review!

Anyone have any good recommendations for photo duplicate programs or have any other tips in general?

I’d love to hear what you do to combat your digital landscape.

Another good article that ran last month to help you hack your digital life:
Never-ending notifications. Pull-to-refresh rewards. There’s no escape from surveillance capitalism…
— Read on Tidying Up When We Have No Control over Our Digital Lives

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