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The BUMP family by Tom Dixon still has me floating. I love the delicate rounded forms of translucent glass with touches of pink and black. I usually respond to things that reflect the notion of science and the pursuit of knowledge. I imagine a futuristic botanical lab on the moon or further off in a dark corner of space. Black, white, cold, silent. It’s like something from 2001: A Space Odyssey. Retro Future. Round and Round again, circles, infinity. A gorgeous collection from Tom Dixon.

Screen Shot 2018-11-28 at 8.28.58 AM

[from TomDixon.net]
A series of minimalist, borosilicate forms designed to serve as the ritualistic instruments of every day hosting. Delicately handmade with subtle levels of pink and grey tonal translucency, Bump offers an elegant approach to floral arrangements.

With these articles for measuring, brewing, steaming, cooling, pouring and preserving we are exploring the transformative alchemy of curious instruments and chemical reactions. Inspired by laboratory apparatus, Bump is an exercise in the manipulation of the conical, spherical and tubular building blocks that we love to play with, of double walled glassmaking and a play in transparency and translucence.

Mouth-blown into an engineered graphite mould, Bump is made of borosilicate, the heat resistant glass familiarly found in science laboratories. Light weight, durable and able to withstand high temperatures, borosilicate glass is usually seen in a colourless and clear state, but here it is elevated by the rare translucent pinks and glossy black raw material, that have been fused, blown and manipulated into delicate shapes.


Hand-wash in warm soapy water and dry with a soft cloth. Suitable for use with food. Always rinse before use. Not dish-washer safe. Do not use abrasive agents as this will damage the surface. The products are hand made and variations will occur. Colour may change over time due to the character of the material.

— Press Release, Sept. 2017. Read on www.tomdixon.net/catalog/product/view/id/1926/s/bump-vase-tall/category/265/

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