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Let’s talk about sex baby,
let’s talk about you and me...

…That hasn’t stopped Saint Laurent from slapping its name on its own (gold) foil wrapper, though. A new condom was revealed by the label yesterday, though it’s only going to be available at the new Parisian concept store, Rive Droite. Along with the condom comes a suitably raunchy campaign – ”The Love Affair” – shot by Juergen Teller, featuring Anja Rubik and (a completely naked) David Alexander Finn, which creative director Anthony Vaccarello shared on Instagram.

Moschino x H&M

“Whenever I design, I think about my friends,” Scott says in a statement accompanying the lookbook, which showcases models including Aquaria, of “RuPaul’s Drag Race” fame, and Japanese twin-sister musical act Amiaya. “The Moschino x H&M lookbook is like a party, celebrating the fun, the pop, the creativity and the energy of the people and the collection.”
Moschino Condom Bag

Alexander Wang

…teamed up with Trojan Condoms on the limited-edition capsule collection, which supports the LGBTQ community and emphasizes the importance of using condoms to “Protect Your Wang.” 

Protect Your Wang
Protect Your Wang


As you can see, only one of my three submissions made it to the judging round. The two on the right are the same image, just different treatments.

I’m kind of surprised they picked the last one. Just goes to show, you never know what people are going to like (I almost didn’t submit it). I believe this round is of the narrowed down selection of 100 different designs. The next stage will cut down in half, so 50 designs will move forward. 


one design contest

iOS 13 from iPhone OS


from iPhone OS

Who remembers the first iPhone?I mean, this was 2007, George W. Bush was still in office.

It was January 9th, 2007, that Steve Jobs unleashed his most (arguably) influential form of technology that changed modern society and the way we interact with computers and screens on a daily basis. There was plenty else in the mix that has changed and not all in part due to the iPhone, but seriously stop and think for a moment, what if it never came to be? What if Apple just stuck to Computers and iPods and never took them elsewhere? 

Contemplating that, I wonder if today’s iPhone would be approved by Mr. Jobs’ standards? Or if it would be somewhere else in its own evolution? Hell, or if there would be something new or different altogether.

Before the iPhone,

we were used to mobile phones (they were dumb then, not smart) that had buttons, phones that flipped open, and some came with a stylus, like the beloved Crackberry (first introduced to market in 1999). But that’s a whole other article.

The iPhone has not always been at the head of the pack these days, sometimes even struggling to keep up. However, I don’t want to take this article into a pessimistic rant about how I’m unsure of the future of Apple, or how I’ve worried from the day that Steve Jobs died; so I’m just taking it as a stroll down memory lane. Remembering the predecessors to today’s iPhone 11 Pro Max and how all the features that keep getting crammed into these tiny computers we carry around.

Side note, the first OS for iPhone was originally OSX. It operated on the same system, but shortly was realized to be its own beast and was born iPhone OS, then 4 years later came iOS (4).


iphone 2g

Other side note, I must say, I’m really into the Midnight Green color option, so so good, they took a cue from the fashion world. Deep hues of green, I always attribute that color to Lanvin (know your references kids). If you’re an artist, you probably think Hooker’s Green or perhaps Phthalo Green. 


iPhone 1

(Pictured above) The first incarnation did not do much, compared to the device you now hold today. (Unless somehow you still have an operating 1, in which case that probably belongs in a museum.) But it did break everyone's idea on what a phone was and could be...

And it only came in one color.


Only 1 camera, on the back, no video anything, well, that didn't involve itunes. But certainly no Facetime, Instastories, Snapchat, nope, nothing like that yet.


You want what? There was no app store. You only had what Apple wanted to give you. The very first version, you couldn't even rearrange the apps. It was not until the next generation that the App store came to be and third party apps became more readily available.


Siri, who? There was no Siri, speak to text, spelling correction, auto detect, anything like that. So basically you had to type really carefully and if your hands were too big or drunk, you were S.O.L.

Big Business

To think about all the subsequent things that have come from the iPhone as well is a bit astounding. So many new companies have been birthed because of the strong impact the iPhone has made and its popularity.

The plethora of apps and major companies that might not be around, if not for the inception of iPhone. Think Uber, Lyft, and other rideshare, delivery, etc. options there are now and ways to rent a house or go on vacation. To shopping apps, tech apps, social media apps and companies and the list goes on.

Then there’s accessories for your phone like cases, screen protectors, insurance, cameras, lights, attachments, pop sockets, holders, car gadgets and ugh… you get the point. What a monumental impact this creation has had on our society and how’s shaped us to where we are now and our trajectory into the future.

My hats off to you, Mr. Jobs.

Below, I’ve included a gallery (of sorts) of all things iPhone inspired by my world or art and design. All the links are to products that I’ve created, so feel free to check ’em out, maybe even be compelled to buy something. (wink. wink.)

And to all you new iPhone 11 Pro Max or whoevers, NO, I don’t have cases for those yet. Soon I hope.

Glad He’s Gone

Can someone please tell me what the melody is from? It’s not a cover, the lyrics are different, but the tune is so familiar… I think there’s actually two different songs in there. I think maybe Taylor Swift or I don’t know. But it’s driving me nuts. Don’t get me wrong, I like the song and love Tove Lo, I just feel like I’ve heard this somewhere before…

He’s gone, he’s gone
You’re better off, I’m glad that he’s gone
He’s gone, he’s gone
You’re better off, I’m glad that he’s gone
I got a girlfriend, she’s got a boyfriend
She calls me crying every day
‘cause they got problems
He likes complaining, she’s compromising
Coming to me for real advice when he just playing
I can tell she loves him way too deep
He loves being fucking hard to please
Cover the basics, it’s pretty easy
He’s a bitch with some expectations
Did you go down on his birthday? (Yup)
Did you let him leave a necklace? (Yup)
Or did you show him all your crazy? (No)
Blow him up on the weekends (Hmm)
Did you give in to his ego
Just to give a little confidence?
I think you know it’s time to let go
(You’re better off I’m glad that he’s gone)
My baby

Never no tears
for that sucker
Only one dick,
that’s a bummer


Dancing all night, get guys’ numbers
Baby, no tears for that sucker
We’ll never go dry this whole summer
Wanna get over, get under



Every now and then, we all suffer from a case of being BASIC. It’s not too hard to find oneself among the masses, doing the same thing that our friends, family, coworkers or whoever else in your sphere is doing. And it’s completely natural for this to happen because, odds are, there’s a reason for it.

Most likely it’s because it tastes good, makes you feel good, looks good, or well… you get the point. But at a certain point, popularity can diminish the value and uniqueness of whatever the thing might be. It becomes mundane and not as cool anymore. It loses its luster and excitement. It becomes, well, BASIC.

Just in case you didn’t know the “slang” definition of basic; describes the word basic as
“being only concerned with things popular, mainstream or trendy.”

Greta J. from boredpanda has highlighted the instagram account insta_repeat, which ever so sarcastically trolls instagram and reposts a collage of images that are all essentially the same. I noticed that they seem to mostly highlight outdoor shots, like the wilderness, hiking, camping, etc. I haven’t looked through the whole account and am just now coming to its attention. 

I have to admit; after reading that article and looking through this account some… I am pretty basic at times as well. In my defense, not that I need to, a lot of these shots are taken because they are of amazing places that are naturally beautiful and most likely not something you see everyday. It’s human nature to want to record those moments to share them with the world and have a record of that time. To say, “yeah, I did that, I was there.” And what’s so wrong with that?



Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram, there are plenty of LESS basic photos.

I figured I’d call myself out and highlight some of my basic Instagram moments.

LEFT Insta_repeat post 
RIGHT My photos © Justin W John

Multnomah Falls, OR

Multnomah Falls
Portland, OR
April 2017

Multnomah Falls, OR
Forest insta_repeat

Somewhere Near Packer John Mountain
Garden Valley, ID
April 2017

Garden Valley, ID
bridge insta_repeat

Foot Bridge at Multnomah Falls 
Portland, OR
April 2017

Multnomah Falls, OR


red cabin insta_repeat

Red Barn, The Bench
Boise, ID
December 2015

red shack
dock insta_repeat

Blue Horizon, Lake Payette
McCall, ID
November 2007

Payette Lake



These next few might be stretching it, but the idea is there and it is basic.

trail insta-repeat

Veterans Memorial State Park
Boise, ID
April 2017

Tracks insta_repeat

Storms on the Horizon, Morris Hill
Boise, ID
June 2015

Railroad Tracks
mountain insta-repeat

Stack Rock
Boise, ID
September 2018

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