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C’mon Tigre · Behold The Man [Official Video] from SIC EST on Vimeo.

Directed by C’mon Tigre & Sic Est
CG and VFX by Sic Est
Produced by BDC / Bonanni Del Rio Catalog

Taking inspiration from a science fiction novel from 1969 by Michael Moorcock, the story is about a modern version of the first human being, who appears on earth as an adult child, being enthusiastic for discovering the great inebriation that freedom can give, the liberation of the body using the metaphor of dance. Something that makes you lose the brakes, makes you sweat and feel good. Then it happens that when you come into contact with other human beings who are learning like you to manage their freedom, you stumble on the concept of limit.

“We imagined representing the limits that life impose you as a clash between human bodies that bump into themselves, making happen weird reactions. It really amused us. Plus we imagined a grand finale, in which we chose to dress our human beings with a shining metal, a sort of a suit of armor, like an evolution of the species and an even stronger movement in search of freedom. But isn’t that already happened?”
C’mon Tigre

Still images here: sic-est.com/cmon-tigre


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