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Conception Art Show: L.A.


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Last Thursday evening, a warm night in L.A.’s Art District (or possibly Art District adjacent, I’m not sure) was the Conception Art Show at the Iron Triangle Brewery. The general format was similar to that of the RAW show, however, this time there were a few restraints based on the event space. The individual artist panel lighting had to be battery operated, also there could not be any tables/props larger than something the size of a stool, I believe 15″ in width was what we were to under.

Now, these are easy work-arounds and, frankly, this freed my brain from the extra stuff and focused on the wall presentation. I had the same 6 feet of chainlink fence to work with, but in the last hour before the doors opened to the public I was gifted with an additional 3 feet of space. I was told the artist to me left wasn’t going to be making it to the event, so I was able to split the panel. This was awesome because I had brought way more than I could house in my original allotted space.

… Now, I’ll be honest, I went through a period of high anxiety during set-up, fortunately, I did not completely shut down…

I’m not going to make excuses, just continue to learn from what didn’t “go as planned” and try to make the next one better. We can only move forward. I’m not a G-dern salmon.

… Anyway…


My friend Chris, who I hadn’t seen til then in, oh, what was it? Fifteen years? Wow, I suck as a friend when it comes to getting together. I digress, Chris arrived just in time to witness my quick costume change outside on the street next to a skid row adjacent tent that smelled something similar to a… oh moving on, let’s just call it a “less than glamorous, yet extremely appropriate” moment that will probably stand out years to come. 

The rest of the night went well, there was a great taco truck, and some more friends were able to make it and show their support! All in all it was another great learning experience. Especially when it comes to these type of events and getting used to talking to people about my work. I can’t help but think of the days of going to clubs and bars and trying to hold meaningful conversations while there’s loud music and a room full of people trying to do the same or at least just hold a conversation. Not ideal for “art” conversations, but it is a great way to introduce yourself to the public and those so inclined.
I had a fun time and was so happy to see some faces I haven’t seen, literally, in years.
Event Photos
Check out photos on Facebook
Photos by Tom Cisneros
(I look tired in most of them and I was.)
I want to give a great big THANK YOU to everyone who supported me with this endeavor, even if you couldn’t make it! 


Jennifer Miesbach, Scott Ruffing, Chris Phillips, Lindsay Leader, Jason Hodges, Jennifer Neil, & Tony Young.

(If I left anyone’s name out, I’m terribly sorry, please let me know.)

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