“Unarmed” is an art project in the form of a series of sports jersey designs honoring victims of police killings. It was created by Raafi Rivero, a filmmaker and photographer based in Brooklyn, New York.

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United We Stream Greater Manchester As the city-region

The world will be able to watch Greater Manchester’s talent via a new website which will be live streaming every weekend, uniting the city-region during the COVID-19 crisis.

Created over the last few days by Sacha Lord, Greater Manchester Combined Authority’s Culture team, and local and national partners https://www.unitedwestream.co.uk will be free, but with donations welcome, and all proceeds going to the city region’s night time economy, cultural organisations and charities.

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Camo Pink

Notes from Quarantine, from an Artist

“So far as he is serious, the artist is continually tempted to sever the dialogue he has with an audience,” she goes on. To withdraw from the public is “the artist’s ultimate otherworldly gesture: by silence, he frees himself from servile bondage to the world, which appears as patron, client, consumer, antagonist, arbiter and distorter of his work.”

Cover Photo
Resort Camouflage by Justin W John

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To having a place within a tiny ecosystem of rules unspoken but learned and passed down through tradition, memories, photographs that never saw the light of social media or social discourse. To knowing when your friend has had too much, knowing their drink, their food flavors, allergies, preferences and silly diet idiosyncrasies.

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