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I blame (thank) Ke$ha

Featured photo: Jonathan Johnson x Tom of Finland Very Butch Bracelet in 23kt Gold Plated Brass, 2017
Which I actually find quite nice, if anyone wants to send me a little Xmas gift. lol.

Penis Jewelry

No, I’m not talking about cock rings or anything like that, though, I’m not ruling them out either.

I’m clearing out my drafts folder and there are a few things that still deserve posting, though, probably not as relevant. But odds are, this whole blog is IRRELEVANT. BLOOP! Just kidding, I am relevant. Thank you. I’m a piece, I’ll tell ya that.

This post started out about a month ago when I caught wind that Yves Saint Laurent had released penis jewelry in their new collection. A pendant and dangle earrings in patinated golden brass (100% brass). Only available in select stores, not online.ysl-penis-jewelry

I had originally planned to write a long post about the origins of the male anatomy as adornment and what not, but with the holidays here, and my general to-do list being MORE than backed-up, just can’t… I’ll just post this for now, maybe one day I’ll readdress this subject when time permits.

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