I’m a little late to the (for lack of a better word) party on this one, but nonetheless, thought I’d share…

A bunch of gay and LGBTQ publications crowed this week over the “super queer” lineup of musicians that will perform at The Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival in April. But few of them mentioned that the festival’s billionaire owner, Philip Anschutz, donates money to the venomously anti-LGBTQ Republican Party.

Yes, it’s true that this year’s lineup includes openly queer musicians like Blood Orange, Christine and the Queens, Kaytranada, King Princess, Janelle Monáe, Jaden Smith, Sophie and more.

Villarreal, Daniel. “Just a reminder that Coachella’s owner still funds anti-LGBTQ politics.” Queerty. January 4, 2019.

Who is Philip Anschutz?

Philip Anschutz is the head of The Anschutz Entertainment Group (AEG), the parent company that puts on such festivals as Coachella, Stagecoach, Panorama, Firefly, and Desert Trip. He also owns Los Angeles’ Staples Center (plus a third of the Lakers), NHL’s Kings, and LA Galaxy.

According to Forbes, he’s worth $11.3 billion (as of 1/24/19); ranking #40 on their Top 400 of 2018 list.

Philip Anschutz has reportedly given nearly $200,000 (2010 – 2013) to charities that promote anti-LGBTQ philosophies, though it’s been stated that he and his foundation have since ceased supporting those groups.

On top of that, he’s supposedly donated over $200,000 in efforts against marijuana in his home state of Colorado. The conservative right-wing Republican has also given to anti-abortion and pro-gun charities as well. But honestly, I don’t think I even want to bring that up because I the gun issue to me is very delicate in that not either side has it completely right, in my opinion. But what’s my opinion mean anyway? And the abortion topic, well, I’m not a woman, so I don’t get to make that choice. And I’ll leave it at that.

#NOCHELLA | Rhea & Willam. Skip ahead to about 3:30 on the time stamp… Rhea talks about him some more. But watch the whole thing if you can.

One thing I did read, of which now I can’t remember the source, but supposedly he, I believe the word they used was, disdains Trump. And only gave his 2016 campaign $250.00. No, I didn’t leave off any zeros. Two hundred and fifty dollars. What a bitch slap?!

But bottomline, he supports hate. Now that is probably a bold and harsh statement to make, but if you don’t see it that way, please explain to me how it could be interpreted any other? Seriously. It’s discriminatory and hateful.

Don’t hate, don’t actively try to put people into segregated boxes and divisions because you think less of them. Just don’t think of them, do something constructive for something you do support. Something that DOES NOT hurt, demean, revoke rights of, bully, oh I could go on forever, you get my drift… Don’t be an asshat.

Photo credit: Justin W John, Spring 2007.

More articles and other such reading materials:
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