Thirst Bucket Series


This series was born from the urban slang term “thirst bucket.” I found this term very comically interesting and, well, all around quite ridiculously perfect. I just imagined this huge bucket, bone dry with tumbleweeds bouncing around it’s dusty pale bottom. Or possibly overflowing with a flood of saliva-like water, gushing out, from sitting around with it’s tongue out all the time.

In this slang context, the term is applied to a person. It’s not a “thing,” as the original word would suggest, so it’s degrading in that sense alone. And when was the last time you got all warm inside when someone referenced you as an inanimate object? No one ever likes the idea of being referred to as something trivial or common. Also, the introduction of a bodily function, one could also go as far as to link this to a feminine context. Referencing a woman’s dry [censored]. You know what I mean. Also, bucket, something to put things in. And usually one thinks of a bucket as something fairly large, to hold a lot of things. This too, referring to a loose woman, one who possibly has had too many sexual partners and has now been cast aside for being too promiscuous.


Supposedly originated in the bronx and can have the following meanings; See Also Thirst.
1.) The act of being overly anxious for someone or something. Waiting for something with anxiety.
2.) Not being able to wait, too hyped up, and typically over something small or something that doesn’t need all the attention that is being given.
3.) Repetitively askin’ for something although you know its coming or on its way.


A form of lust of or want of members of the opposite sex [or same, if you’re gay, obviously]. This term can refer to both males and females.
1.) Someone who is desperate. A thirsty person is constantly looking for a person to date.
2.) Very eager to say or do something.
3.) Desire, greed, obsession, or lust for an object or person characterized by over eagerness or obsessiveness that is obvious to everyone around you.

Taken from

I’ll say some might be self-portraits; others, portraits…
Who is which, well, that’s half the fun of them. Isn’t it?
It’s like a barrel of monkeys!


I had been hearing the term used a lot, thrown around social media, tv and whatnot. And it just stuck in my head, ya know? It had a certain ring to it, plus it has a hard K in it. Ask any comedian, anything with a hard K sound is gonna get a laugh.

The images began to appear in my mind. Now at the time, I was currently in my abstraction, especially smearing and pouring paint, so it came as a perfect transition back into mixing abstract and pop art. Obviously, the first image to come to mind was that of a paint bucket. Pretty BASIC too, I know. Not even realizing it, I began on the outline of the first bucket, it wasn’t until I had completed it that I realized I was instinctually re-envisioning Andy Warhol’s Campbell’s Soup Cans for a new generation.

So far I’ve only painted three buckets, working on number four in between other projects. The ideas for many more and their potential connotations seem endless. This theme gives me flutters, oddly so. Stay tuned for more.


  1. “One Gallon” Thirst Bucket Series 2018
    Acrylic and ink on stretched canvas
    Matte and gloss varnish
    12 x 12 x 1.5 inches
  2. “Ten Quarts” Thirst Bucket Series 2018
    Acrylic and ink on stretched canvas
    Matte and gloss varnish
    24 x 24 x 1.5 inches
  3. “4.16 Overflow Gallons” Thirst Bucket Series 2018
    Acrylic and ink on stretched canvas
    Matte and gloss varnish

Prints are available in the online shop, please contact if you are interested in the originals.