My painting often explores human nature, our emotional vulnerabilities, reflections of society and simulations. In this dawning new age of technology, we adapt to keep up. Zombies, Androids, Cyborgs… these used to be things of science fiction, but are becoming more our reality, hyperreality, every day. Pop political trending tags like race, religion, gender & sexuality remain on the headlines, and most likely will for a long, long time. I want to explore a world more neutral; one that is not so hateful, one less shamed. I try to blur the edges of race, pull forth those on parts of the spectrum less acknowledged, give light to those who only know fear. We are all the same, yet we all bring something to the table. Even if only their presence, it reminds us to be less selfish, be more honest. Pull your focus away from your screen for just a moment and just be.