Pre-Show Packing




My place is starting to show signs of chaos. Somewhat organized chaos. Just been going, going, going. Trying to get everything together and ready to head to Los Angeles for the Conceptions Art Show next week.

Things are seemingly going well, but then oops, forgot about that one thing and yeah what about the other. All in all, I think I’ve got a decent handle on things, I’d say.  It’s getting tight and certainly not much breathing room, but honestly, I think part of me loves that exhilaration. I did have time to make a loaf of gluten-free banana bread today. I keep forcing myself to do other things in-between, to give my brain breaks, so I don’t go mad.

I can’t help but feel a little selfish and undeserving at times, I guess it’s hard for me to accept all the support without feeling that I’m not living up to my end of the bargain somehow. I know things take time and patience, heck, Beyoncé wasn’t built in a day. She had to have Destiny’s Child first and then get too big for booty britches.

Woah, I think I might need a nap. kisses. Justin

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