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Profound Longing, Opaque Couché

Profound Longing 1965
Hans Hoffman
Abstract Expressionism
(Featured Image)

Yesterday while driving with my father I didn’t even have to open my mouth before my thoughts had been translated. I think I mearly made a groan or grunt or some other caveman-esque sound, to which my father simply replied, “I know.”

Now, it could have been in regards to the annoying traffic obsconding with our Saturday afternoon, a truly glorious first day of March. It may have been something on the radio or even just one of my normal, generally disapproving, sounds I often mutter. But no; he knew what it was.

It was about a Kia. Or maybe a Subaru, I can’t be sure the maker. But there it was, in all its hideous glory. And! It was blocking our entry into the strip mall we had to go to, and yes, I’m often judgmental of people and their (lack of) driving skills.

This car was some shade between spicy brown mustard and hollandaise brunch buffoonery. It was not a car color. I’m not entirely sure I’m on board with these new car colors. Most look like they belong in SherwinWilliams new spring collection rather than on vehicles.

This lead to a conversation about Baby Shit green, aka the ugliest color, or so some study in 2012 had/has determined… also, I guess they use it to deter folks from smoking as well. I’m actually not all that mad about the color and think when used correctly can be rather elegant. Take another gander at Miss Mona Lisa sometime. Or maybe she’s just dirty from hanging out with too many smokers and their second hand healthcare?!

PANTONE 448 C “Opaque Couché”

RGB: 74 65 42
CMYK: 33 43 80 82

Well, as a person that finds all color to be beautiful and a blessing we should celebrate, I hate to call any one such color the ugliest. That’s a big job to fill too, Monsters everywhere must be tired of it by now. I’d like to nominate Bland Yellow Barf as the new IT ugly color. Do I hear other nominations? Maybe Pantone 111 C? Or is she too pretty?


OH! And by the way, betch! That’s my drag name. Me. I said it first. It’s mine! Please welcome to the stage, Opaque Couché!

Oh and I googled it and only found couch dragging. What is wrong with people?

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