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Brown is primarily known for vigorous, large-scale oils that blur the boundaries between figuration and abstraction, or, perhaps more accurately, render figures in abstract terms; her snaking, libertine incrassations make steaming hash of the Renaissance, unmooring pathos and narrative from their stodgy compositional prerequisites. Her dynamic canvases transform paint into flesh, using viscera as the groundwork for commentary on desire in all its shimmering, fractious ambiguity.

Drawing on the ethos of predecessors like de Kooning, Brown subverts painterly conventions of the female nude by invoking the grotesque, the repugnant, and the ineffable. Still, there’s no shortage of generosity and humor in Brown’s work, and her signature harshness never gives way to cruelty, preferring instead to articulate the shared existential mire of human embodiment. Bodies, not just gorgeous or sinful ones, are faulty, and gross, and so often needless; Brown does not shy away from our frailties, but rather constellates them, and her edgeless testaments to want and its discontents pulsed far too loud to avoid notice.

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Greenbelt’s Fairview Avenue underpass gets a vibrant makeover

Greenbelt Mural "Go With The Flow"

Greenbelt’s Fairview Avenue underpass gets a vibrant makeover



The 50th anniversary of the Greenbelt is less than a month away, and to help celebrate the anniversary, the Boise Department of Arts and History selected an artist to paint the retaining walls located in the underpass of the Fairview Avenue bridge.

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Yellowstone Post Auction Sale

Retail: $1,650

Post Auction Price: $990

Boise, Idaho
I Love What You’ve Done With Your Hair, 2018
acrylic, ink, spray paint on stretched canvas
30” x 24”

2220053 - I love what you've done with your hair

For more details or to purchase art contact either:

Carolyn Tolton, Special Events Coordinator
(406) 256-6804 x236

Ryan Cremer, Development Director 
(406) 256-6804 x226


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