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Twisted District

Twisted District
A small collection of abstract paintings
This collection of paintings span a period of the past three years, yet I haven’t shown them. You can see a progression in style and technique with these works, but they are all still very much from me.
Twisted District Brew located at:
3840 West Chinden BLVD. Ste. 110

Garden City, ID
(westbound side of the street)

These paintings form a narrative based on subverting messages, changing appearances, and keeping certain truths obscure. Everyone paints their own image, either via social media, the clothes we wear, the friends we have, the stories we tell. All of it composes the idea of who we are and how we are perceived.

“subverting messages, changing appearances, and keeping certain truths obscure.”

These works hold no malice, no ill intent, they just make a visual for the social navigation of our modern lives. Like camouflage amongst foliage or foggy dreams and memories; these works represent finding safe spaces and the nerve to wake up and do it all over again.
Thank you so much to Twisted District Brew Co. for lending me the space to share my work. It really means a lot to get such an opportunity.
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Graft and Ash for a Three Monitor Workstation

Graft and Ash for a Three Monitor Workstation

Sondra Perry

American, b. Perth Amboy, New Jersey, 1986

Video; color; sound; 9:05 min.
(as realized)

Courtesy of the artist and
Bridget Donahue, NYC
Proposed acquisition,
November 2020

Sondra Perry’s work examines how technology mediates familial and cultural histories. In this video, an avatar modeled after Perry delivers a monologue. She first discusses the limitations of the software used to render her image and its inability to reproduce Perry’s body type. The avatar then discusses a study examining the “just world” belief—the idea that the world is a fair place where people get what they deserve—and its harmful effects on Black people, who are led to believe that negative outcomes stem from personal failings rather than systemic racism. The avatar hovers between speaking as a Black subject in the real world and as a digital being in the virtual realm. “What’s still familiar is our incredible exhaustion: looping, running, daily,” she says. Perry’s video is normally shown on monitors mounted to an exercise bike intended for office settings; viewers who turn the bike’s pedals find that their own strenuous, but unproductive, physical labor resonates with the avatar’s ruminations. Perry splices the central monologue with footage of exorcisms and animated skin that ripples in digital waves.

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TOAF Online Studios

The Other Art Fair Online Studios, an online platform created with partners at Saatchi Art that allows you to shop all Fair artists online and explore hundreds of artists profiles, both locally and across the globe.

I’m so very excited to share that you can view my work as a part of this online art fair among a talented group of artists I very much admire. Two of my pieces are also included in two of the Curated Collections —  Contemplative & Calm Abstracts and Cold-War Era Nostalgia. Check it out by clicking the link below.
The Other Art Fair Online Studios Los Angeles is presented by Saatchi Art. 
Thank you!

“The Other Art Fair provides a place for art lovers around the world to discover and buy art directly from the very best emerging artistic talent. In this time of uncertainty, that purpose remains unchanged and our community is more important than ever.”

Introducing The Online Studios – The Other Art Fair delivered to you at home – an online platform to:

⦿ Shop all Fair artists online and explore hundreds of artist profiles, both locally and across the globe.
⦿ Enjoy weekly curated and themed collections that cater to every mood and budget direct to your inbox.
⦿ Step into the world of The Fair artists by joining their online Q&A sessions and studio tours.

Welcome to the new way of buying art today. The idea of buying art online, or at all, might be daunting and bring a lot of questions to mind. The team at The Other Art Fair has put together a comprehensive guide to the process, including how to start a collection, considering your space, previewing art on the app (3D AR to see it in your home), making offers on art, personal expert advice, and much more.