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Art Keeps Going

abstract painting

Art Keeps Going…. This piece has a working title of GONZO (Hunter, not Muppet). This is just another small corner. I’m in the place where the painting I anticipated creating has become its own being (much the way I assume parents look at their children who have grown up, I imagine.) I had an entire base painted out, had sketches of what I had intended and practiced the technique I was going to implement. I put more effort into the prepping and planning stages than my usual routine because I’m trying to be more deliberate and harness some of the swirling around my brain that goes on and focus. Now those are basically out the window and I’m trying to keep up with myself. Much like the curve ball Mother Nature has thrown us, life is often times about adaptability and being able to roll with the punches, right? We have to think fast on our feet and be willing to let go of what we thought we knew and were expecting and be able to be resilient and persevere through the rough parts. It can’t all be ice cream sundaes and bubblegum drops. So with that, every new day brings new challenges and the only thing I know for 100% certain won’t change is that change is inevitable.

GONZOArt Keeps Going


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Greenbelt’s Fairview Avenue underpass gets a vibrant makeover

Greenbelt Mural "Go With The Flow"
Greenbelt Mural "Go With The Flow"

Greenbelt’s Fairview Avenue underpass gets a vibrant makeover



The 50th anniversary of the Greenbelt is less than a month away, and to help celebrate the anniversary, the Boise Department of Arts and History selected an artist to paint the retaining walls located in the underpass of the Fairview Avenue bridge.

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Boise Arts Scene?



Absent Minded

17th Annual Juried Exhibition

July 1 - 27, 2019 | Art Source Gallery

This exhibition was open to all fine artists anywhere in the US who are not members of the Gallery, with two distinguished Jurors: Debbie Hughbanks for two dimensional and Allan Malaise for three-dimensional work.

Opening reception this year will be on Thursday, July 11th. Make it a part of your summer plans to join us. Awards total $1150 and will be announced in the Gallery on Thursday, at 6:30 pm. Music by JB Duo, Tasting Indian Creeks Winery, snacks ASG.

I’m both honored and excited to be one of the exhibiting artists in this show. Not sure what to expect, but I’m very grateful for the opportunity and can’t wait to see all the other artists exhibiting. If you’re in Boise on the 11th of July, come out to opening night reception! 



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BOISE, Idaho — “Boise is badass,” declared Jake Logue Salutregui who, when he’s onstage at the downtown Balcony Club, goes by the drag name Denimm Cain. “We have an underground culture that is underappreciated. We have great food, healthy and athletic people, educated people, people who are dreamers. It’s a shame the nation doesn’t know what Boise has to share with the rest of the world.”

That sounds about right — especially the “underappreciated” part. Boise, Idaho, is in the midst of a boom, which also means its cultural scene is having a kind of renaissance, even if some of us don’t know it yet. When I told people I wanted to spend a few days in Boise, their reactions were succinctly encapsulated by a worldly, well-traveled friend who currently lives in Dakar, Senegal: “Boise? What the hell is in Boise?”

“This is what we’ve wanted all along, and now it’s starting to happen,” dancer and choreographer Lauren Edson, who co-founded the hybrid dance/music/film company LED with her husband, drummer Andrew Stensaas, in 2015. 

“It feels like we’re on the cusp, developing momentum with so many artists and different projects — it’s becoming a cultural hub.”

LED, for example, just opened its own downtown performance space, where they also hope to host artists from around the country working in performance, film, art, or whatever makes sense at the time.

Photo credit: Justin W John (not in the original article)


Kiley, Brendan. “Go to Boise for its arts scene?” Seattle Times, May 31, 2019.

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Arts commission wants to up fellowship odds for folk artists

Arts commission wants to up fellowship odds for folk artists

Eye on Boise |
The Idaho Commission on the Arts is looking to make it easier for traditional and folk artists to receive fellowship grants from the state, the AP reports. The Senate State
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