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Back to Nature



Or are we going back to the Seventies? AVocado, anyone?

Note: Image above has a filter over it, so the green tone is most likely showing darker than actual color. Refer to palette or image below.

I preference this post with the statement that, I intended on writing more and providing more research, but I didn’t get to it in time. I started this back in August, over a month ago, but I’m cleaning out the draft folder again, and this one should probably at least get to be seen as-is. So keep that in mind if you read past this…

Muted, pastel, dusty, safe, neutral, clinical are some words that come to mind when I see this palette. But it’s pleasant, nothing is hurting my eyes.

“As we look ahead to a new decade, Back To Nature encourages us to reengage with the natural world, which we know can have a real, positive impact on our well-being. Everyone has a different way of engaging with nature. Whether you’re biking on a forest path, canoeing on a lake or walking on the beach, green is prevalent in nearly every outdoor landscape—it is easily nature’s favorite color.”
Erika Woelfel
Vice President, Color and Creative Services at Behr
Behr 2020 color palette
Behr’s 2020 Color Trends


Blu Dot Do the hustle

The palette Behr has garnered its staple 2020 colors has not just emerged from thin air, nor is it unique to Behr’s product line. I’m having a bit of déjà-vu as I’ve already seen these tones reflected in a lot of other interior design trends.

Notably, Blu Dot seems to have nearly adapted the same palette. Even their quirky tone of voice reflects the nod to a disco-era capsulate of color.


BLU DOT’s Clean Cut Chair and the available finishes definitely are ahead of the curve. Or is that just a bad pun? Either by presentation or maybe just the sleek and sexy curvy form of the chair, I find this palette a lot more alluring compared to the Behr palette. Perhaps the color names are tipping the scale for me here, but I do think these tones are a deeper saturation or just pack a little more punch for me.


Mahdavi Collezione Bisazza
Mahdavi Collezione Bisazza

Bisazza puts a contemporary spin on the traditional cement tiles with its new CEMENTILES collection.
The handcrafted features of the original production process are maintained intact, while the design was entrusted to some of the most innovative international designers: Paola Navone, Jaime Hayon, India Mahdavi, Tom Dixon, David Rockwell, Carlo Dal Bianco, Fernando, and Humberto Campana.

The cement tiles are made by layering two mixtures that are hand-poured into special molds and then pressed. The first mixture, made up of highly durable white cement, marble dust and colored oxides, determines the design and color of the tile; the second, made of cement and sand, forms the bottom layer of the tile.

Once they have dried, an impregnating water-repellent sealant is applied by hand to the tiles.

Very similar tones represented in the tiles from Bisazza; also a wider array of options that allow for more playful color interaction. Also, there are brown tones here, Behr did not have any listed in their collection (Cider Spice was the closest).





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In This Spectacular Kelly Wearstler Home, Comfort Comes First

Interior Lives


Inside the home of Lana Gomez, Artist

with Wendy Goodman


+ Sebastian Maniscaloc, Comedian.

In This Spectacular Kelly Wearstler Home

Comfort Comes First

You don’t want it to feel precious. You want people to not be intimidated and to feel comfortable.

Kelly Weastler gutted and decorated a family home for comedian Sebastian Maniscalco, his wife, artist Lana Gomez, and their (now) two children. He confesses to having had some trepidation about the high end decor and young kids, but he soon got over that. Watch the video above to see their beautiful home in Hollywood.


Kelly Weastler is one of my absolute favorite interior designers, her bold artistic style is genuinely unique, playful, and modern with plenty of curated vintage pieces to keep it grounded. Bold patterns, muted earth tones with highlights of blacks and rich gem tones, work with unexpected textures to create warm and inviting sanctuaries. She always manages to create one of those moments of, “How did all of this come together?” that leave me stunned by her talent.

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Life Imitating Art

Nesso Table Lamp by Artemide

Model #

Designed in 1967
Manufactured in Italy
Injection-molded ABS Resin
Colors Orange or White
Base Diameter 8 in
Fixture Height 13 in
Shade Diameter 21 in


Sometimes I wonder how the process works. How things get formulated into ideas and then ideas become brain storms and dots begin connecting, until our labors pay off and idea has become reality. To take what is essentially nothing and make it into a tangible, functioning, helpful, life-changing something… It’s truly inspiring to think this way of all the great (and unsung) minds that have gotten our society to where we are today.


MOD might be what they call you

and call you, they do

same style and form as the day you were born

definition of classic and traditional

still in the books, still in the guides

on how design standards rise

above the rest, true to the test

you’re the best of the best

minimal, that’s 1 not 2

you’re on the pedestal

I’m not a poet, I wrote that really quick to be cute. Did it work?

Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about patterns, behaviors, and shifts that have happened in my life. I’ve been putting work into me, trying to work out issues I have with myself and the issues that keep me from having sustaining and rewarding relationships.

With this post, I’m attempting to try to take things a bit deeper. More personal, learning myself again, while blending it with my everyday. I realized that I’ve become a different person, as most do over the years, but what I realized is that I was treating myself as that younger self and the current version writing this very entry as though he were a ghost. A faint memory fading from any sort of presence. Allowing myself to think of tomorrow as though it wasn’t already on its way. I was allowing myself to not care.

A two for one sort of deal. When my anxiety starts rising and I’m aware of it in time to shut it down before it shuts me down, I try to use some techniques I’ve learned. To be honest, I’m not exactly sure where I learned them, probably online somewhere. So please, don’t try this at home, I am not a doctor.

My commentary with a little background on The Nesso Table Lamp. It’s a precursory to examining the creative process. As a creative individual, self-labeled, I have come to a place in my life where I seek to explore my own processes, down to a neurological level. Many factors in my personal life have lead to this, of which at this juncture are irrelevant to this article.

Nesso Table Lamp
By Giancarlo Mattioli
from Artemide

photography by Justin w John

Designed by Giancarlo Mattioli and Gruppo Architetti Urbanisti Città Nuova, in the glamorous 60’s era, Nesso is an international icon of futuristic, democratic design. Part of the “Modern Classics” reissued line, it was a marvel of ABS thermoplastic injection-molding when first introduced in 1967 thus bringing industrial materials and methods to the home and office environments.

A dash of color and a design inspired from nature, Nesso stems from the visionary identity of Artemide. Its’ iconic curves wind into a true collectible, an expressive statement piece of internationally acclaimed calibre and fame. An iconic piece having staged its presence in various landmarks, Nesso is considered a valuable piece of art. An “icon” of design, part of the permanent collections of The Metropolitan Museum of Art and The Museum of Modern Art.

Probably the most quintessential piece of design to represent the 1960s, its dramatic shape and scale is like that of a gentle giant.

Effortlessly fluid curves, clean color, and luminous glow never impede upon its environment or surroundings. Demanding attention in a coy manner. The dimpled shade, supposedly modeled after a woman’s navel,
also views as a mushroom shape from the side.

  • 1st Award Concorso Studio Artemide/Domus, 1965 Milan.
  • The Twentieth Century Design Collection of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York.
  • The Design Collection of the Museum of Modern Art, New York.
  • Permanent exhibit at the Denver Art Museum, Colorado.
  • Represented in the Israel Museum, Jerusalem Permanent exhibit at the Musee des Arts Decoratifs de Montreal, Montreal.
  • Permanent exhibit at the Museo del Design Italiano, Milan Triennale.

With headquarters in Italy, Artemide Lighting has been bringing a relaxing mood and harmonious ambiance to contemporary home living through their timeless lighting solutions since 1960. Artemide Lighting has a mission to create the perfect expression of sustainable design by blending old-world wisdom and next-generation technology to illuminate the future with high style lighting. Popular worldwide, Artemide Lighting offers an exclusive, high-end collection of ceiling, wall, and floor lamps to illuminate luxury in the modern home.