In This Spectacular Kelly Wearstler Home, Comfort Comes First

Interior Lives



Inside the home of Lana Gomez, Artist

with Wendy Goodman


+ Sebastian Maniscaloc, Comedian.

In This Spectacular Kelly Wearstler Home

Comfort Comes First

You don’t want it to feel precious. You want people to not be intimidated and to feel comfortable.

Kelly Weastler gutted and decorated a family home for comedian Sebastian Maniscalco, his wife, artist Lana Gomez, and their (now) two children. He confesses to having had some trepidation about the high end decor and young kids, but he soon got over that. Watch the video above to see their beautiful home in Hollywood.


Kelly Weastler is one of my absolute favorite interior designers, her bold artistic style is genuinely unique, playful, and modern with plenty of curated vintage pieces to keep it grounded. Bold patterns, muted earth tones with highlights of blacks and rich gem tones, work with unexpected textures to create warm and inviting sanctuaries. She always manages to create one of those moments of, “How did all of this come together?” that leave me stunned by her talent. 

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