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Matthew Barney: Redoubt | Yale University Art Gallery

Redoubt is a comprehensive catalogue of the artist’s newest project, which centers on a two-hour film that creates a complex portrait of the American landscape by layering classical, cosmological, and American myths about humanity’s place in the natural world. In the film, the goddess Diana and her two attendants traverse the rugged terrain of Idaho’s Sawtooth Mountains.

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Who knew Matthew Barney was working on his film in Idaho?!
Is Björk writing an album out there in the snow?
uhhhhh, Most likely not.
Why do I still have them linked in my brain?
March 1, 2019 – June 16, 2019
Yale University Art Gallery, New Haven, Connecticut

September 28, 2019–December 15, 2019
UCCA, Beijing

March 4, 2020–May 10, 2020
Hayward Gallery, London

As you can read above, showings of the film will be at Yale University, then off to China. I suspect hoping for a potential showing anyplace near Idaho would be a bit ridiculous…

I wasn’t aware of Barney’s connection to Boise. I thought they were talking about his connection to Björk, I get the two confused so often. Now that I’ve beaten the SWAN completely to death now…

Sawtooth Tales

Dick D’Easum
Caxton Press
, 1977


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Desert X 2019

Desert X 2019: Coachella Valley — Palm Springs, California.

Desert X was a truly great experience and I highly recommend to anyone that has the means should attend. One double edged side of this collective installation is that it’s spread across the Coachella Valley. I attended the week(end) that Valentine’s Day fell around. If you didn’t catch the news on weather that weekend, well, it was intense. However, I think most our nation has had a pretty wet winter, so it’s probably been easy to not notice what’s been happening in other parts of the country. I wasn’t able to visit every piece and some altogether were unreachable due to floods and random bighorn sheep disease. But that’s okay, I didn’t expect to see it all.

I do hold some contempt over it feeling somewhat trendy and the stream of hipsters parading to and from each piece. I feel for the local artists that most likely are being passed by and praise their efforts in putting up their own work in the midst of this highly acclaimed showing. I don’t know much about the logistics of this or if its frowned upon or what… But sometimes you gotta do what ya gotta do.

As for what I did see, I feel the concepts and ideas were easily articulated and formulated for the masses and the execution was extremely well done. I think that probably comes off pompus or jaded or like I think that they could have done better in some way, but no that’s not my intent. Just to be clear. I think everything came together well and has attracted enough of a crowd for this to keep going into the future. I praise all artists involved and hope to see it grow. Once or twice I will admit maybe I felt some sort of lack luster, but that’s mostly due to my antipaction of everything. So I won’t read anyone for that directly and maintain that fault lies on me.

I’ll reiterate, GO SEE IT IF YOU CAN! Follow me for more photos and videos of this event and more. Thank you!

Selections from Instagram

Western Flag | John Gerrard

Here’s a video clip I put together for those unable to make the journey to the Coachella Valley to experience Desert X in person. Hopefully this gives more dimension and a better feel for this particular piece. Pardon my lack of cinematography and editing skills with fine-tuning this clip, or else it probably wouldn’t ever get posted. The words that overlay in the piece were taken from the Desert X website itself. Link below.


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National Weather Service issues flood watch for most of Northwest North Carolina

Oh boy, here comes the floods again! Time to start building an Arc!

The National Weather Service in Blacksburg, Va. has issued a flood watch for most of Northwest North Carolina as 1 to 3 inches of additional rain likely will fall on
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I painted this painting of two magnolias and a chrysanthemum for my mother (“me mum,” couldn’t help myself) and she just got it framed. I got to see it last evening while visiting. It looks quite lovely in her home, prominently displayed in the living room. The folks at Michael’s did a nice job.

Magnolias & Mum

I painted this painting of two magnolias and a chrysanthemum for my mother (“me mum,” couldn’t help myself) and she just got it framed.