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Unarmed” is an art project in the form of a series of sports jersey designs honoring victims of police killings. It was created by Raafi Rivero, a filmmaker and photographer based in Brooklyn, New York.

Featured photo from  Subtraction + Khoi Vinh’s Web site
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The artist, Raafi Rivero

I think about how often our sports heroes are deified, people root for black people for wearing a jersey, but won’t root for us normally so I felt maybe if I let him on a team, people would notice, they would care.⁴

It seems the world is tearing at the seams. Bursting with change, revolutionary times. I knew this year would be monumental, one for the history books, and not for simple math or numbers. Of course it’s easy to say that now, during, having, seeing, knowing…

Hindsight is always 20/20¹, I wonder if in the years to come if that phrase might change. Maybe something more optimistic or perhaps maybe we shun the phrase all together. 

The fight against systemic racism² fuels these days and nights with the salty taste of bitter understanding. Bitter because the majority of America is finally waking up and realizing they have been living a fantasy. A pale dream of lies and ignorance. Some too tired to shake it or believe it to be anything other than a some type of nightmare. The cold morning of reality has shown those of privilege that they have been perpetuating this system of color games. 


There are so many wrongs I see staring me in the face and I’m sure thousands more that I haven’t come to realize. I only hope to grow through pursuit of truth and justice. 

I know this corner of the internet isn’t wandered into often, nonetheless, I want to establish it as a place for freedom of expression for all. 

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