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Graft and Ash for a Three Monitor Workstation

Graft and Ash for a Three Monitor Workstation

Sondra Perry

American, b. Perth Amboy, New Jersey, 1986

Video; color; sound; 9:05 min.
(as realized)

Courtesy of the artist and
Bridget Donahue, NYC
Proposed acquisition,
November 2020

Sondra Perry’s work examines how technology mediates familial and cultural histories. In this video, an avatar modeled after Perry delivers a monologue. She first discusses the limitations of the software used to render her image and its inability to reproduce Perry’s body type. The avatar then discusses a study examining the “just world” belief—the idea that the world is a fair place where people get what they deserve—and its harmful effects on Black people, who are led to believe that negative outcomes stem from personal failings rather than systemic racism. The avatar hovers between speaking as a Black subject in the real world and as a digital being in the virtual realm. “What’s still familiar is our incredible exhaustion: looping, running, daily,” she says. Perry’s video is normally shown on monitors mounted to an exercise bike intended for office settings; viewers who turn the bike’s pedals find that their own strenuous, but unproductive, physical labor resonates with the avatar’s ruminations. Perry splices the central monologue with footage of exorcisms and animated skin that ripples in digital waves.

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DELIRIUM (Long Way To Reno)




This video clip is a short teaser for a video production I’m currently working on in between other projects. This is a project purely for myself, I have no intended home for it other than my website or YouTube, etc. I’m also using it as a way to learn more about Adobe Premiere Pro.

I’ve found that I really love working with moving pictures, sound, music and other elements to tell a different kind of story. Film, in this case digital video, as a visual media art form it has the obvious ability to not only create an image, but to incorporate more elements to bring the viewer deeper. Thus, bringing the viewer into your world, your story, your reality. 

Even the element of time itself is a facet that plays a large role in this medium. The film is a duration over a period of time, rather than singular moment or object. To capture the viewers attention and hold it for your chosen period, is something amazing in and of itself.

I’ve only begun to explore what potential this film might turn out to be. I have some loose storyboards, themes, and ideas as to how I want this to feel. Beginning mostly from clips I’ve held onto without reason, suddenly now seem to final find their way to a purpose. 

As with my other work, I’m keeping within an abstract mind frame. Jumping from one location to another and back again. Irrelevant to the greater picture, their continuity makes sense in the same way a dream does. Like memories that dance through your mind, playful daydreams, and secret fantasies. 

Non-linear, yet somehow there’s a end to the beginning is the end (yes, I meant that). Perhaps only to find Auntie Em and Toto too.



Boise, ID
Reno, NV
Las Vegas, NV
Palm Springs, CA
A roadside in Oregon


Mid 2018 — 2019


“Random Effect”
by 4bstr4ck3r
Available on FMA


Late 2019 — 2020


Perhaps I’m being too open with this process as it is only in its infant stages. Oh well. I decided I would share some of the reference points that I draw from as I take on this project. I don’t expect to live up to these amazing artists, but I’d be lying if I didn’t make it known that their work has made its mark on my artistic outlook and given much inspiration to me.

Róisín MurphyTen Miles High 

Directed by Herself.
I haven’t read anything as to what her artistic goal was with the video, but I image the next videos in my list here probably aren’t unknown to her. 

See also, her video for Simulation.

Doug Aitken New Era

This installation piece, along with many of his other sculptures, installations, films and performances, are a major influence for me.
Read the Press Release.

(I know it says Sorry, click it to see the trailer on Vimeo.)

Koyaanisqatsi: Life Out of Balance

Directed by Godfrey Reggio
Music composed by Philip Glass
Cinematography by Ron Fricke

This 1982 American experimental film. First of a trilogy that depicts different aspects of the relationship between humans, nature and technology.


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Delirium (Long Way To Reno) – PATREON

A short from my multimedia piece I’m working on in my “free time” (free time, what’s that?).

Exclusive viewing for my Patreon supporters now, I’ll make it available later on for everyone.